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BIOMEDON® Systems Engineering

our approach
Today's successful products are highly complex and require agile and cross-disciplinary development. At BIOMEDON®, we believe in modern product development achieved through cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary engineering. This approach allows us to develop all product functionalities optimally, covering multiple areas finding the best solution that matches your needs.
Our team is composed of multidisciplinary engineers and experts. We complement our expertise with a large and well-maintained network of specialists and experts in science and technology to bring innovative solutions and value-added expertise to your projects.
We expertly develop equipment, instrumentations, apparatus, devices, machines, and products. We cover all the aspects from innovation, design, planning, supply chain management, assembling, test reporting, budget management, and project administration.
Our goal is to drive your research and development forward through innovative, agile product development skills and expertise, reducing your time to market and increasing competitiveness.
Our leadership team
BIOMEDON® leadership team reflects the willingness to offer cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary engineering services and expertise through our two senior managers and founders.
Consolidated with consistent research and development experience in prominent research institutes in multiple fields, such as Biomedical, Biotech, and Medical, M. Sandoz is responsible for the Biomedical, Sciences, and R&D group.
Passionate about technology innovation and the strength of a long experience in agile project development applying the latest leading technologies, M. Zeqiraj manages our technologies, IT, and development groups.

Antonin Sandoz


Mr. Sandoz is a multidisciplinary project leader with more than 12 years of high-end research and development activities. He has worked for many leading industries and research institutes throughout his career, consolidating a solid background in sciences and technologies.

Besides, Mr. Sandoz is highly specialized in complex product development with substantial expertise in biotechnologies and biomedical technologies.

Before co-creating BIOMEDON®, Mr. Sandoz led numerous successful projects in multiple renowned research institutes such as the Campus Biotech Geneva, the Geneva University Hospital, the Institute of Science and Technologies in the Geneva Engineering School, and the Geneva Science University's Pharmacy faculty.

Mr. Sandoz accomplished numerous successful product developments in the fields of Medicine and Surgery, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Fluid Mechanic, Nuclear Physics, and Aerosol Science throughout his career.

Mr. Sandoz holds a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and Micro Engineering from the Institute of Science and Technologies of the Geneva Engineering School in Switzerland. He additionally owns a Computer Science Engineering degree in Agile Lean RAPID Application Development from the School of Management and Engineering Vaud in Switzerland and the ARC School of Engineering of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Besarb Zeqiraj

chief technology officer & FOUNDER

Mr. Zeqiraj is a very active manager, investigating multiple fields through entrepreneurship. He co-founded, managed, and grew a web and mobile applications development software company. He is also the co-founder of Nexlibris Sàrl, a company active in the multimedia industry for more than ten years.

Besides, Mr. Zeqiraj is highly specialized in robotics, multithreading, and embedded software through his education and the achievement of numerous successful projects in these fields.

Additionally, Mr. Zeqiraj worked for more than ten years in the Fintech industry, constituting solid expertise in software engineering and IT system architecture. He participates in developing numerous successful products such as Trading systems, AI Robot-Advisory, and Foreign Exchange applications Crypto-Assets, implementing the latest technologies to leading industries of the field.

Mr. Zeqiraj is an Agile project manager driving projects of any size through his substantial expertise in numerous fields, optimally meeting customers' needs.

Mr. Zeqiraj holds an engineering degree in computer science from the Engineering School of Geneva in Switzerland.